Pilot-testers needed for undergraduate teaching modules

John Weber web... at gvsu.edu
Wed Nov 14 15:06:02 MST 2018

Hi Beth,

Hope you are well.

I am teaching 1 intro & 1 majors course next semester.

I can pilot 1 module in each:

  *   GEO 100 - Introductory level
     *   Monitoring Volcanic Hazards (GPS, InSAR, seismic, tilt) - would work
     *   or
     *   Measuring the Earth w/ GPS (GPS, precipitation, temperature) - need to know more about this one
  *   GEO 112 Majors level
     *   Our Changing Climate: Melting Ice and Rising Sea Level (GPS, InSAR, gravity, temperature, sea level) - best for this class

John W.
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