[teqc] Ashtech dbn

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Apr 8 08:45:39 MDT 2004

hi Mark,

> Does teqc support the Ashtech DBN record type? I see in the
> documentation that you did some initial implementation for it a few
> years ago. We're considering trying it out at some of our sites with
> bandwidth issues. We tried to collect some data on a Z-12. This file
> ostensibly contains the stream, but my attempts to teqc it yield
> nothing:
> ftp://quake.geo.berkeley.edu/outgoing/mmurray/DBN.tar.gz

Given a recent increase in interest (or at least incoming questions)
about Ashtech's DBN records, I'm taking this opportunity to address
the entire list.

The original DBN data I saw from several years ago -- according to
my notes; I can't find the data anymore -- was made up of a single
DBN record + a single PBN record for every epoch.  Each $PASH record
terminated with the usual \r\n (carriage return + newline).

In your file, I can't find any DBN records.  Instead, there seem
to be blobs of RCA records (like 30 or so), followed by a single
BPS record, then followed by a single PBN record.  (Plus the
occasional SNV record -- a GPS ephemeris record).  I don't know
what the RCA or BPS records are -- I've never seen them before.
Even stranger, all the $PASH records (RCA, BPS, PBN, SNV, etc.)
in this file terminate with just \n (newline only) -- which is
another new twist that I've never seen before, and this completely
messes up the parsing algorithm for this format in teqc.

In short:

* this "DBN" file is nothing like what I saw several years ago

* it has $PASH records -- RCA and BPS -- about which I have no information

* the $PASH record termination is not standard (\n vs. \r\n), so teqc
   (as written) can't even correctly parse the file into records

Lots of mysteries.

Maybe Ashtech's "convert" program can turn it into a B/E/S fileset
that teqc can read.


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