[teqc] decimate binary files and setting time interval

Nicola D'Agostino dagostino at ingv.it
Wed Apr 14 10:19:40 MDT 2004

suppose I want to convert a binary file sampled at 1 sec to a 30sec rinex.
If I know exactly when the observation start then no problem:
I will set the start time to the next exact 30sec.
But if I don't know when the observations start (let's say at 022312.000,
then setting in teqc -O.int 30 -O.dec 30, I will get the first observation
at 022312.000 and the next at 022342.000.

Is there a way to decimate the observation exactly at the 30 sec
(i.e. to have the first observation at 022330.000)


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