[teqc] Re: decimate binary files and setting time interval

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Apr 14 10:30:25 MDT 2004


> suppose I want to convert a binary file sampled at 1 sec to a 30sec rinex.
> If I know exactly when the observation start then no problem:
> I will set the start time to the next exact 30sec.
> But if I don't know when the observations start (let's say at 022312.000,
> hhmmss.000)
> then setting in teqc -O.int 30 -O.dec 30, I will get the first observation
> at 022312.000 and the next at 022342.000.
> Is there a way to decimate the observation exactly at the 30 sec
> (i.e. to have the first observation at 022330.000)

Avoid using -O.int to re-specify the decimation interval.
Only use it to specify the original interval.  Most of the
time this can be left off when you are decimating, unless
the original interval is 1 second or less and then you
should include -O.int to make sure that the first epochs get
considered in the decimation.

What you should be using for your case is:

   teqc -O.int 1 -O.dec 30 ...

Your example of "teqc -O.int 30 -O.dec 30 ..." is mentioned
in http://www.unavco.org/facility/software/teqc/bugs.html
(seach on "-O.int"), along with the consequences you observed.


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