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Bosch, Ernest ebosch at icc.es
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I translate RT17 from trimble using teqc also, try . 

teqc -tr so inputfile > outputfile    for observations

if you want the nav file  also

teqc -tr so +nav navfilename inputfile > outputfile   

the traslated file goes to the std output and with the pipe you collect it
to the output file. 

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I am using

teqc -tr s +obs 05132158.04o 05132158.r17

Unfortunately, .04o remains empty and I get only messages like:

get_next_Trimble_RS_232_record failed: type= 0xfb
unknown Trimble RT17 type

Does anyone have suggestions what I can do ?  Or does it mean that .r17 
cannot be translated at all since the data are corrupt?

Lou, you suggested to use the "concise" instead of the "expanded" 
format. This is, what we did in addition to a higher baud rate.
But now it seems like it that these .r17 files contain no valid data. 
Why is that?

Thanks in advance,


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