[teqc] translating .rt17 files - without attachment

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jun 3 07:45:56 MDT 2004

hi Sibylle,

> I am using
> teqc -tr s +obs 05132158.04o 05132158.r17
> Unfortunately, .04o remains empty and I get only messages like:
> get_next_Trimble_RS_232_record failed: type= 0xfb
> ...
> unknown Trimble RT17 type
> Does anyone have suggestions what I can do ?  Or does it mean that .r17 
> cannot be translated at all since the data are corrupt?
> Lou, you suggested to use the "concise" instead of the "expanded" 
> format. This is, what we did in addition to a higher baud rate.
> But now it seems like it that these .r17 files contain no valid data. 
> Why is that?

I think people on the list need some background.  Are you still attempting
to output 10-Hz RT17 data from an RS-232 port on a Trimble receiver?  Back
in April I suggested that you try 1 Hz data, which you then collected and
translated without problem.  Back then I also made the estimate that you would
need a clean 80 kbaud connection to keep up with 10 Hz data -- probably less
if the RT17 were in concise rather than expanded, but still I'd expect that
you'd need something like 60 kbaud.  (You didn't mention what the current
baud rate you are using.)

Being the list owner, I got the original mailing with the attached datafile.
It is hopelessly corrupted.  I suspect that your RS-232 connection is still
too slow to keep up with the data rate, or that the data collection software
is not able to keep up.

If outputting 10-Hz RT17 is a requirement for your project, I suggest directly
contacting Trimble for assistance.


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