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Peter Lazio plazio at optonline.net
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Dr. Estey:

There is a nice derivation of the MP1 and MP2 equations in a paper on the
UNAVCO site at:

I also have a copy of your TEQC: The Multi-Purpose Toolkit for GPS/GLONASS
Data in MS Word format.  Dr. Leick sent me the Word doc in April 2001 when I
wrote you for a paper copy.  I am attaching the Word doc if you want to
distribute it.

In your TEQC paper there is an erratum with equation 4 which affects the
explanation.  Equation 4 read: f2^2 I1 = f1^2 I2
It should read: f1^2 I1 = f2^2 I2

Best Regards,

Peter Lazio

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> Eniuce Menezes de Souza wrote:
> > Please, I have a question:
> >
> > I would like to know where I can find how the values of MP1 and MP2 are
> > calculated or some theory about this.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Eniuce Menezes de Souza.
> There is a old paper I wrote about teqc: TEQC: The Multi-Purpose Toolkit
> for GPS/GLONASS Data, L. H. Estey and C. M. Meertens, GPS Solutions
> (pub. by John Wiley & Sons), Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 42-49, 1999.  We're out
> of reprints, but are willing to send a photocopy on an "as needed" basis.
> In it, the derivation of the multipath linear combinations are described.
> If it weren't for slips, you'd just take the direct RMS of the MP1 or MP2
> linear combinations.  Removing the slips is the tricky part. (In the
> the algorithm for detecting the multipath slips and removing them is not
> explained.)
> Or, if someone on the list already has the paper -- or the earlier report
> on the old UNAVCO QC by Chris Rocken, Jim Johnson, John Braun, (and
others?) --
> and is willing to do the derivation for the list, please do so.
> BR,
> --lou
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