[teqc] RINEX-type Broadcast Data Files for GEO Satellites

Werner Gurtner werner.gurtner at aiub.unibe.ch
Wed Aug 4 10:14:24 MDT 2004

Author: N. Suard, W. Gurtner, L. Estey

RINEX-type Broadcast Data Files for GEO Satellites

In order to be able to easily exchange the binary data broadcast by 
Space-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) like EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS a group 
of individuals active in the SBAS community proposes a 
receiver-independent exchange format similar to the RINEX format widely 
used for the exchange of geodetic GPS and GLONASS tracking data. The 
group included Werner Gurtner (AIUB) and Lou Estey (UNAVCO) into the 
format discussion to insure maximum compatibility in the format 
appearance, description, and documentation with the existing RINEX formats.

The proposal has been put into the public ftp archive of the 
International GPS Service in the same directory where all RINEX-related 
documents can be found:


Please send any comments to

Norbert Suard, CNES   E-Mail: Norbert.Suard at cnes.fr
Werner Gurtner, AIUB  E-Mail: werner.gurtner at aiub.unibe.ch
Lou Estey, UNAVCO     E-Mail: lou at unavco.org

RINEX Navigation Message Files for GEO Satellites

The same group also proposes some minor clarifications/modifications to 
the original RINEX Version 2.10 "Navigation Message File for GEO 
Satellites" definition. This RINEX file contains interpreted navigation 
data of SBAS geostationary satellites usually extracted from above 
mentioned binary data.

The proposal can be found in


Depending on the comments received we will then insert these 
clarifications/modifications into the existing RINEX V 2.10 documentation.

Norbert Suard, CNES   Werner Gurtner, AIUB   Lou Estey, UNAVCO

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