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        I don't think there is a way to do this with teqc.  However, 
ARL:UT has an open source (LGPL) GPS toolkit that contains a GPS library 
and related applications.  One of the applications does basically what you 
are asking.  You will have to build the library and apps yourself but 
several different compilers and OSs are supported.  After you get it 
built, there is a program in the "apps" portion of the called RinexDump 
that will write out the data into ASCII column based files.  If this is 
not the exact format you want, you can modify it as the source code is all 
provided.  Go to http://gpstk.sourceforge.net/ to download and get 
additional information.  Let me know if you have any questions about 


Brief info about the program:

Read a RINEX file and dump the observation data for the given 
satellite(s), one satellite per file.
Input is on the command line, of the form

    RinexDump <file> <satellite> <obstype(s)>

Any number of obstypes may appear; if none appear, all are dumped.
One satellite ID (e.g. G27) may appear; if none appears, all satellites 
are dumped (lots of output!).
The output file(s) are ASCII column-delimited with week and 
seconds-of-week in the first two columns, followed by 'observation LLI 
SSI' for each observation type. The name of the output file(s) is of the 
form RDump<sat>.dat

teqc-bounces at ls.unavco.org wrote on 05/25/2004 04:41:44 PM:

>  Lou,
> Be able to pull single SV data into column format.
> Example
> SV#, Channel#, time, date, C1, P1, P2, SNR1, SNR2, L1, L2, etc...
> RINEX is row, column format and is a little hard to use in spreadsheets.
> Ed
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> Ed Powers wrote:
> > What is a simple way to convert RINEX OBS files to multi-column ASCII
> data?
> RINEX data essentially is multi-column ASCII, so I suppose that's
> not what you mean.  Could you give us a two epoch example (RINEX
> and how it would be reformatted into what you want)?
> At any rate, it's not something teqc will do.
> --lou
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