[teqc] SNRs of AOA receivers

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Aug 20 08:47:12 MDT 2004

Teqc users,

I have been asked to implement a change to the output of SNR
values from AOA receivers (Benchmark ACT and Turborogues) which
would be (originally from Jim Holston at AOA, directed to me
via a teqc user):

C/No dBHz = 10*log10(pow((a/sqrt(2)),2)) = 10*log10(a*a/2)

where a = AOA volts per volt in one second

(though it is not known whether this should apply to both S1 and S2
measurements, or whether the Benchmark and Turborogue corrections
would be identical).  For comparison, you might also take a took
at http://h4.colorado.edu/andria/howto_snr.html which was put
together by some of the researchers at CU Boulder, Colorado.

[ You might recall that last year I sent out a notice about conversion
of Ashtech Z-12 SNR values to dBHz, and this is now the default
behavior when translating Z-12 data _if_ teqc recognizes that
the receiver is a Z-12 (otherwise S1 and S2 are reported in
the original Ashtech "ireg" units); see (from the old teqc email)
http://www.unavco.org/facility/html_mail/teqc/msg00326.html ]

Like the original Z-12 proposal, SNR from AOA receivers could be
converted to dBHz using one of these formulae by default, or such
a conversion could require (yet another) teqc option to do so.

If you use AOA receivers, what's your opinion?  Can you confirm one
or more of these conversion equations?  Do you think the SNR is
the same or different for the Benchmark and Turborogue?


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