[teqc] SNR reporting in dBHz (or not in dBHz)

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Tue Aug 31 12:27:15 MDT 2004


By popular demand (i.e. 1 request, no dissenters, and several
in favor of the idea), the SNR data of AOA receivers in TurboBinary
and ConanBinary formats will automatically be converted to
dBHz using the formula C/No dBHz = 10*log10(a*a/2), a = volts/volt,
for any teqc version from today on.

This means that the cases where native formats are in dBHz or are
converted to dBHz in teqc (current development version) are now:

AOA receivers, TurboBinary and ConanBinary
Ashtech B-file, R-file, MBEN stream -- iff receiver is identified as Z-12
Ashtech U-files
CMC binary (Allstar, etc.)
Javad JPS
Topcon TPS
Trimble (.dat, RT17) -- iff receiver is identified as 4400, 4600,
   4700, 4800, 5700, 7400, 5800, R7, R8, or NetRs
Leica LB2 and MDB
IGS RTigs (assumed to be in dBHz)
Navcom Technologies, Inc.

Still in original SNR values:

Ashtech DBN format
Z-12 data not recognized as Z-12 + other receiver data in B-file, MBEN
Leica "DS" format
Motorola Oncore
Rockwell Zodiac
Trimble .dat, RT17 -- rx not in list above (i.e. includes ST, SST, SSE, SSi)

If anyone sees any possible errors in the above listings (dBHz or not dBHz --
apologies to the Bard), please let me know.


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