[teqc] teqc RINEX header editing

CAPUA ROBERTO rcapua at sogei.it
Thu Sep 2 00:26:55 MDT 2004

Dear All,
I'm trying to format RINEX header. I generated an header config file from a suitable RINEX file using teqc ++ config <rinex file> > my_obs_config, I updated the fields in my_obs_config and then I applied the new header using the command teqc -config my_obs_config <rinex file> > <new rinex file>. The new RINEX file seems to present old header fields mixed with new ones. 
Could you tell me the correct procedure for header formatting using teqc?
Roberto Capua
SOGEI - Società Generale d'Informatica
Via Mario Carucci, 99 
00143 Roma Italia
Tel/Fax: +390650253428/4135
e-mail:  <mailto:rcapua at sogei.it> rcapua at sogei.it
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