[teqc] teqc RINEX header editing

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Sep 3 07:24:48 MDT 2004

Dear Roberto,

> Therefore there's not a way to delete by -config command the comment: 
> Project: A__________________________304018_                 COMMENT?

Correct, because it's an original COMMENT in the RINEX header and all
originals are kept.

Maybe it should be an option to extract this info (or not) during the
translation, though.  My general thinking has been to pull everything
that could be construed as a comment and stuff it into a COMMENT field
(unless, of course, it fits some other obvious RINEX header field).

> Regarding ash, it's a matter of commands order. Using
> teqc -ash u -config header.cfg UROMAA03.335 > temp.04o
> it works, but with the same header comments problems.

"matter of commands order"?  What have you tried that doesn't work?
Do you mean the order of command line options, or the order of config
options in header.cfg?  If you are using both command line options
and reading one or more config files, there is a hierarchy to the
way the options are processed, and ones read first take precedence over
the same options read later.  See:


for more details.

Regarding the header comments, still +O.c to include you own.
(-O.c are ignored.)


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