[teqc] teqc decimation on rinex files

Teresa Van Hove vanhove at ucar.edu
Wed Sep 8 17:06:58 MDT 2004

I've always found teqc decimation to be quite reliable about giving
00 and 30 second observations using -O.dec 30; but I've usually been
decimating Rx format files while translating them to rinex.

Lately I've been getting rinex obs files that are higher rate and
using teqc to decimate them; but I hit a snag this weekend.  One of
the rinex files had 1 sec data that started at  2004 09 04 00 00 22
and the teqc -O.dec gave me observations at 22,52 seconds instead of

Is there a way to force the -O.dec option to output at 00,30 for rinex
files that dont start at a 00 or 30 second epoch?  I got what I
wanted in some cases by setting my start time to YEAR MM DY 00 00 30
but it hit one file that did not have data at epoch 00 00 30 and gave 
me values that started at 51 seconds.

I'm using in a shell script

command_lin="/ops/tools/bin/teqc -phc -st 
${YEAR}${MONTH}${DAY}000030.0 +ds 86369 -O.ob
s L1+L2+C1+P2+P1 -O.st $YEAR $MONTH $DAY 00 00 30 -O.dec 30"

$command_lin +obs $ccfile $file

where $ccfile is my defined output rinex dir/file and $file is the 
input rinex file.


--the specific problem rinex file is 5.9 mbytes so I wont try to email 
it, this occurred with a 2001 vs of teqc but repeated with a jan 2004 
vs so I think the problem is version independent; but I could install 
a specific teqc if that would fix things.

Teresa Van Hove
Associate Scientist COSMIC/UCAR
vanhove at ucar.edu

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