[teqc] teqc decimation on rinex files

Jeff Freymueller jfreymue at gi.alaska.edu
Wed Sep 8 17:39:04 MDT 2004

On Sep 8, 2004, at 3:06 PM, Teresa Van Hove wrote:

> I've always found teqc decimation to be quite reliable about giving
> 00 and 30 second observations using -O.dec 30; but I've usually been
> decimating Rx format files while translating them to rinex.
> Lately I've been getting rinex obs files that are higher rate and
> using teqc to decimate them; but I hit a snag this weekend.  One of
> the rinex files had 1 sec data that started at  2004 09 04 00 00 22
> and the teqc -O.dec gave me observations at 22,52 seconds instead of
> 00,30.
> Is there a way to force the -O.dec option to output at 00,30 for rinex
> files that dont start at a 00 or 30 second epoch?  I got what I
> wanted in some cases by setting my start time to YEAR MM DY 00 00 30
> but it hit one file that did not have data at epoch 00 00 30 and gave 
> me values that started at 51 seconds.
> I'm using in a shell script
> command_lin="/ops/tools/bin/teqc -phc -st 
> ${YEAR}${MONTH}${DAY}000030.0 +ds 86369 -O.ob
> s L1+L2+C1+P2+P1 -O.st $YEAR $MONTH $DAY 00 00 30 -O.dec 30"


I believe you just need to add -O.int 1 to your command line. This, I 
think, tells teqc that the input data interval is 1 second, and this 
makes it realize that it should be decimating to 0 and 30 seconds. The 
reason is not very intuitive to me but I know this works.


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