[teqc] teqc decimation on rinex files

Teresa Van Hove vanhove at ucar.edu
Wed Sep 8 17:59:18 MDT 2004

Thanks Jeff,

Yes that does work, and the command still works on input rinex files 
that happen to be 5 sec or 30 seconds as well so I wont need to have a 
special teqc call just for the 1 second files, and that is a relief.


Jeff Freymueller wrote:

> Teresa,
> I believe you just need to add -O.int 1 to your command line. This, I 
> think, tells teqc that the input data interval is 1 second, and this 
> makes it realize that it should be decimating to 0 and 30 seconds. The 
> reason is not very intuitive to me but I know this works.
> Jeff
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