[teqc] removing observation < elev

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Sep 16 08:45:59 MDT 2004

Nicola D'Agostino wrote:

> Dear teqc users,
> I have a problem running clockprep on some early files of MTBG (austrian
> network).
> My understanding is that clockprep crashes when found an epoch like this

>  01  6  3  7 57 30.0000000  0 13G17G 3G27G 6G22G28G19G15G23G18G26G21
>                                 G31
> I guess that one solution would be to remove observations below 10deg
> (which are contained in the original rinex) so that SVs are reduced to < 12.
> I tried with teqc with no success.
> I would greatly appreciate any suggestion to overcome this problem.

There's nothing in teqc that would do an editing of a RINEX file
based on qc information (like SV elevation).  (This would require
doing a qc while reading input, like a RINEX file, but outputting
RINEX instead of qc info -- not part of the current design scheme.)

The correct "solution" would be to get Jeff Freymueller to fix clockprep
to read RINEX files with more than 12 SVs.

Jeff, any comments?  (Maybe this has already been done in a newer
version of clockprep?)


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