[teqc] versions 2004Apr16 thru 2004Sep14: bug in BINEX conversion

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Nov 26 17:03:31 MST 2004


> Where can i find the last version (not official) of teqc for Windows95/98?
> I'm looking for a version newer to 14Mar2002 to get correct Z-Extreme 
> signal/noise ratio values in Rinex files.

I'd have to send it to you.  But, I don't think there would be anything
wrong with the Z-Xtreme SNR values translated into RINEX using the
14Mar2002 version of teqc as long as you output S1 and S2.  The only
thing that should have changed between 14Mar2002 for the Z-Xtreme (and
other Ashtech receivers related to the micro-Z) would be the RINEX 0-9
flag of the SNR.


> From: Lou Estey <lou at unavco.org>
> Reply-To: teqc support <teqc at ls.unavco.org>
> To: teqc at unavco.org
> Subject: [teqc] versions 2004Apr16 thru 2004Sep14: bug in BINEX conversion
> Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 07:48:47 -0600
> All,
> For anyone that has any build of teqc from version 2004Apr16 through
> to 2004Sep14 (yesterday) and is trying to use it to create BINEX, there
> is a bug that was introduced on 16 Apr 2004 that will probably prevent
> you from doing this operation successfully.  Note:
> * This does not apply to the last official release still on the teqc Web
> site which is 2002Mar14.
> * Reading of BINEX is not affected.
> If you have a version between those dates and need to create BINEX with
> teqc, execute `teqc +id` and send me that result so I can make a corrected
> executable for you.
> Sorry for any inconvenience.
> BR,
> --lou

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