[teqc] teqc : raw GPS output?

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Dec 6 15:21:01 MST 2004

In some sort of automated way (using windowing options): only
the BINEX format.  There are multiple problems here, the top
two being: teqc was never designed to do this (windowing of
BINEX was "force fit"); some formats are not very amenable to
chopping up.

If you are willing to live with a non-automated way, and are
willing to possibly sacrifice certain metadata, then teqc can
be used for part of the process.  (We have done it here to
re-archive raw data re-cut on day boundaries.)  You use teqc
to learn where the epoch boundaries occur using +diag and then
can use some utility to chop up the binary file -- of certain


Michael Scharber wrote:

> Hi There,
> Is anyone aware if windowing GPS data using teqc can be applied to raw 
> GPS, as opposed to translated RINEX output?  I'd like to know if I can 
> use teqc to slice up multi-day raw GPS files into single-day raw GPS 
> files.  In other words, binary input, binary output.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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