[teqc] Re: Teqc + NetRs phase values

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Sat Dec 18 09:35:06 MST 2004

James Foster wrote:

>     I have just started experiencing the problem noted in the
> Teqc fixes page, that the NetRS with clock-steering can lead to an
> overflow in phase. Do you have a version of teqc available with
> this fix incorporated?

Miranda Chin wrote:

 > The 'teqc +qc' displayed error messages:
 > teqc: 426087failure to read "-1331971177.40449-1037895714.3" on line 47
 > of "ilsa3130.04o"
 >    (invalid LLI (Loss of Lock Indicator): should be 0-7) ... exiting
 > It appears the L1/L2 observables are greater than F14.3 can hold. In
 > fact, these are F15.3.
 > The observables were generated from a Trimble NETRS receiver.
 > Have you run into a similar problem? If yes, how do you handle it?

hi James, Miranda,

We've known about this problem with NetRS phase values at least since
the spring when testing the NetRS for PBO.  Basically, the phase values
can have very large whole-cycle ambiguity offsets.  Trimble has a new
NetRS firmware -- at least for PBO testing -- which eliminates the
problem.  (Brian Frohring or someone else at Trimble might want to
comment further.)

With regards to teqc: Yes, there is a fix in place to eliminate this
problem -- assuming that you would be using teqc to translate NetRS
raw data (.dat or RT17) into RINEX.  If you are talking about reading
a messed up RINEX file, then no, there is nothing that can be done
except re-translate the original raw data into corrected RINEX.
Just let me know which build of teqc you are currently using (e.g.
execute `teqc +id | grep build` and send me that result).


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