[teqc] translation of Ashtech R files one week off

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Jan 21 07:37:59 MST 2005

Dear Olivier,

> I noticed a problem in my automatic translation of raw data from 
> permanent stations into rinex.
> For example teqc -ash r RSITEA04.340 produces epochs like:
>  04 11 28  0  0 30.0000000  0  9G 7G 2G13G28G10G17G 4G24G31
> But teqc -ash r RSITEB04.340 produces:
>  04 12  5  8  0 30.0000000  0  8G 9G15G 5G22G30G21G18G14
> I asked to colleagues using other translators to work with my raw data 
> and they don't have any trouble of that kind.
> Moreover I got B,E,S-files extracted from the R-file and teqc correctly 
> translated them into rinex...
> The bug shows up every week. It is apparently on Sundays, so it is 
> likely to be a GPS week problem.

No question; it is a GPS week problem.

> As I was surprised to find no previous post about that problem I 
> downloaded again teqc, the static and the dynamic version as well, but 
> got the same behaviour...
> My OS is Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5

For static vs. dynamic, as I would expect: it's the same code, just
(potentially) different gcc libraries.

Without knowing which version of teqc you are using (`teqc +id`),
it's impossible to tell whether this situation has been looked into
already.  (There have been a number of tweeks in the GPS identification
and in the reading of the R-file format since March 2002 -- the last
official release.)

I'll send you the current development version of teqc for Linux x86.
Please run the same test using it and report back whether the problem
on your files still exists.  If it does, could you send me the two
files RSITEA04.340 and RSITEB04.340?

In the mean time: what happens if you enforce the starting GPS week
with the -week option?

If all else fails, you can always use those other translators. :)


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