[teqc] teqc does not work on fedora core 3

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jan 27 08:57:14 MST 2005

SHIMADA Seiichi wrote:

> Dear Sir and Madam,
> I tried to use x86 Linux version of teqc on fedora core 2 and fedora 
> core 3,
> but teqc does not work.
> I am afraid that the teqc does not suitable for kernel 2.6 and/or gcc-3.3.3
> and later. Especially gcc-3.3.3 and later is used the 64bit data 
> input/output
> thus we should need 64bit x86 Linux version of teqc.

This was already reported and resolved with a fix of sorts (switching
to a new dynamically-linked executable) on Friday; see below.  Our
Linux x86 compilation machine is still RH 5.2.


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Subject: Re: Teqc core dumps on Fedora Core 3
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 16:49:04 -0800
From: Kevin J. Miller <kjmiller at jpl.nasa.gov>
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<1106345003.3340.10.camel at elvis.jpl.nasa.gov>	 <41F1806C.3090508 at unavco.org>


Thanks.  This latest dynamically linked version works fine.  No double-
free bug either.  I believe that the problem is that the static version
built on an older linux has problems either with the kernel (2.6.9) or
glibc (2.3.4) on my machine.


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