[teqc] Trimble and Binex

Charles Carrano charlie at radex.com
Mon Jan 31 12:20:55 MST 2005

I apologize in advance if I'm directing this question to
the wrong list, but would somebody happen to know
the answer to the following question? What is the
resolution of the signal to noise ratios in the streaming
Binex output for the Trimble R7 and NetRS receivers?

If my understanding is correct, the Binex for the 4000
series has signal to noise to the nearest dB, while the R8
has it to the nearest 0.1 dB.

If case you wonder why I ask, I am a contractor for
the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Weather
Center of Excellence. We use the signal to noise
ratios to estimate scintillation intensity due to
the ionosphere. We are considering which models to
purchase for future campaign work.

Thank you very much.

   Charles Carrano
   Radex/Atmospheric and Environmental Research

P.S. If anyone could point me to documentation that
describes how to enable Binex and RT17 streaming
output via the serial port, that would also be most

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