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Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Jan 31 12:36:17 MST 2005


> I apologize in advance if I'm directing this question to
> the wrong list, but would somebody happen to know
> the answer to the following question? What is the
> resolution of the signal to noise ratios in the streaming
> Binex output for the Trimble R7 and NetRS receivers?
> If my understanding is correct, the Binex for the 4000
> series has signal to noise to the nearest dB, while the R8
> has it to the nearest 0.1 dB.

This list is probably as good as any other on this topic,
though you might want to also try our "gpstech" list (general
GNSS topics to a slightly broader list).

AFAIK, the only Trimble receivers that have BINEX as an
output option are the 4700 (used in the UCAR SuomiNet
project) and the NetRS -- though for the latter is still
in a development/verification stage for EarthScope/PBO.
For the 4700, the SNR was recorded in BINEX 0x7f-02 to the
nearest 0.25 dBHz; for the NetRS it will recorded in BINEX
0x7f-03 to the nearest 0.1 dBHz.

Brian Frohring or someone else at Trimble might want to
comment further.


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