[teqc] decimating data w/ sampling rates > 2 Hz

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri Mar 4 08:03:35 MST 2005

>> Also, I was wondering if anyone has any data sampled at rates
>> greater than 10 Hz.  (E.g. the JNS100 can sample L1 at 100 Hz.)
>> If you could send me one or two seconds worth of data (something
>> teqc can read or RINEX), I'd like to test the fixed decimation
>> algorithm at rates greater than 10 Hz.

Thanks for all the generous offers!  I've now tested the new
decimation for 20-Hz and 50-Hz data.  No problems that I can see.
(If a manufacturer comes up with a 1-kHz sampler, that's
when I think I'll give up.  At that point there just won't
be any way to distinguish between a normal epoch increment and
a 1-millisecond reset in the same algorithm.)


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