[teqc] bug in Linux x86 teqc since 21 Jan 2005

Mullins, Steven Steven.Mullins at dmme.virginia.gov
Tue Mar 8 14:30:28 MST 2005


	Thanks for the heads up.  My linux TEQC version is:

version:     teqc  2005Feb17
build:       Linux 2.0.36|Pentium II|gcc -static|Linux|486/DX+

Could you send a new build?



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(I was probably drooling over the Cassini/Huygens images of Titan
too much ...)

A bug was introduced into the development version of teqc on 21 Jan
2005 that effected at least Linux x86 executables in the following way:
If you try to read/write any type of RINEX file (GPS, GLONASS, SBAS)
in any way (to edit, splice, window, or even null filter), a memory
or segmentation fault will most likely occur.

If you've asked for a Linux x86 development version of teqc since
21 Jan 2005 (check with `teqc +id` and look at the version line),
then your current executable probably has this bug.  I can send you
a fixed executable if you need it.

Note: The bug does not appear to effect Solaris Sparc executables.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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