[teqc] T00 trimble files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Mar 31 08:29:18 MST 2005

> Olivier,
> 	You might consider using BINEX if you want to skip the runpkr00
> step.  I have not used BINEX in production from the NETRS.  Lou could
> tell you where TEQC stands reading BINEX from the NETRS.  It think is
> is pretty solid though.
> Steve

(originally a thread on the "teqc" forum, but I'm cc-ing the "binex" forum as well)

This was developed in cooperation with Trimble (Brian Frohring) for PBO/EarthScope.
Brian and I think the definition is pretty solid for the NetRS; the
data will be in the 0x7f-03 record http://binex.unavco.org/binex_record_7f.html#7f_03
Final acceptance of the current definition is pending final data processing tests
here at UNAVCO, though my understanding is that Trimble has already done tests
and there are no problems.

But I'm going to let Brian or someone from PBO comment further, esp. with
regards to the NetRS firmware supporting BINEX  For example, with the right
firmware the NetRS will stream BINEX, but I don't know the plans or status
of downloading BINEX from the receiver.

The current development version of teqc can read 0x7f-03, or read other
formats and convert it to 0x7f-03 if you want.

BTW, it's possible there will be some additions to the 0x7f-03 definition for
one or more Topcon receivers, but these won't conflict with the current
definition used by the NetRS.


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