[teqc] T00 trimble files

Geoff Blewitt gblewitt at unr.edu
Thu Mar 31 08:55:44 MST 2005

    I use runpkr00 to convert T00 (or T01) to DAT files on Linux.  On 
Windows you can use Trimble's CD software (right click on the T00 file, 
and you get a menu option to convert to DAT).

For multiple files on one day, I simply concatenate (e.g., use "cat" on 
Linux) the DAT files.   I used to "cat" the T00 files and then run 
runpkr00, but *occasionally* this fails (I think it has something to do 
with a missing end-of-file in the T00 file depending on how the receiver 
was switched off).  So I'd "cat" the DAT files instead.


Mullins, Steven wrote:
> Charlie,
> 	You need to convert them to DAT files with the runpkr00 on your CD or from UNAVCO's site at http://www.unavco.org/facility/software/download_transfer/trimble/trimble.html.  I also have scripts to automate downloading and transfer and conversion to RINEX of T00 files if you are interested.
> Steve
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> I probably missed something:
> I am testing a NetRS station. The files I get are of .T00 type. Trimble 
> Europe tells me last version of teqc knows about it. The one I have does 
> not seems to know what this is about.I found posts about the NetRS in this 
> forum but nobody asked about the right way to convert the new Trimble 
> format into Rinex...
> So what is the correct option to have my file read by teqc?
> Olivier
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