[teqc] T00 trimble files

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Mar 31 09:11:40 MST 2005

Geoff Blewitt wrote:

> Charlie,
>    I use runpkr00 to convert T00 (or T01) to DAT files on Linux.  On 
> Windows you can use Trimble's CD software (right click on the T00 file, 
> and you get a menu option to convert to DAT).
> For multiple files on one day, I simply concatenate (e.g., use "cat" on 
> Linux) the DAT files.   I used to "cat" the T00 files and then run 
> runpkr00, but *occasionally* this fails (I think it has something to do 
> with a missing end-of-file in the T00 file depending on how the receiver 
> was switched off).  So I'd "cat" the DAT files instead.
> Geoff

Geoff is 100% correct.  You may be able to get away with cat-ing .r00,
.t00, or .t01 files together, but it is _not_ a recommended procedure by
Trimble and sooner or later it will bite you.  Cat-ing .dat files _is_
safe.  Another procedure is to let runpkr00 "merge" a bunch of .r00,
.t00, or .t01 files together into a single .dat (.mes, etc.) file by
creating a list of the input .r00/.t00/.t01 files.  At UNAVCO, we have
a bunch of permanent stations where the raw data arrive as sub-daily
.r00, .t00, or .t01 files.  runpkr00 is used to merge these into a single
daily .dat file which is what we archive and what we (using teqc) translate
into the RINEX files that go into our public ftp area.


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