[teqc] T00 trimble files

Brian Frohring Brian_Frohring at Trimble.com
Thu Mar 31 15:20:45 MST 2005

Dear Olivier,

Your question triggered a wide ranging discussion.  I'll reiterate a few
of the points from earlier e-mails.  (Nothing new here...)

- T00 files must be converted to the "DAT" format before further
processing using teqc or other utilities.  Trimble makes freely
available the runpkr00 program for Windows and Linux to perform this
conversion.  There are also HP-UX and Solaris versions of this program,
but we would encourage Windows or Linux for the long-term.  Runpkr00
works with the older .R00 and the .T01 format used by the 5700/R7 or
5800/R8.  Runpkr00 will also create other types of files, but the DAT
file is the essential one containing all required info for further

- T00 files should not be concatenated at the binary level but may be
concatenated during conversion by runpkr00.  That is the officially
recommended way of concatenating files, but concatenating DAT files
works just fine.

- The NetRS v1.11 firmware and later is capable of streaming or logging
BINEX data.  The format can include observables using either (or both!)
of the 0x7f-02 or 0x7f-03 formats.  The latter format was developed for
the PBO project and has been verified to match other observables types
at the record content level but has not been tested operationally yet by
the PBO project.

Please let me know if your original question has been answered yet.

Best regards,
Brian Frohring

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 > I probably missed something:
 > I am testing a NetRS station. The files I get are of .T00 
 > type. Trimble Europe tells me last version of teqc knows 
 > about it. The one I have does not seems to know what this is 
 > about.I found posts about the NetRS in this forum but nobody 
 > asked about the right way to convert the new Trimble format 
 > into Rinex...
 > So what is the correct option to have my file read by teqc?
 > Olivier
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