[teqc] teqc +qc "invalid LLI" error

Paul Jamason pjamason at gpsmail.ucsd.edu
Fri Apr 1 12:54:17 MST 2005


I'm getting the following error when I run rinex files for PBO site p699 
through teqc's qc lite:

teqc +qc -st 2005-03-31000000 +dh 24 p6990900.05o

qc lite>
teqc: teqc windowed: delta = 86400.000 secfailure to read "-2147467405.66148 
12657.39" on line 56 of "p6990900.05o"
         (invalid LLI (Loss of Lock Indicator): should be 0-7) ... exiting

The error only occurs if I include the -st and +dh arguments.  Can you suggest 
a workaround?  The -st and +dh arguments are used in SCOUT 
(http://sopac.ucsd.edu/cgi-bin/SCOUT.cgi) when qc'ing a file prior to running 
it through gamit.

FYI, the file is available from the SOPAC archive at:
http://garner.ucsd.edu/pub/rinex/2005/090/p6990900.05d.Z; teqc 
version info:

version:     teqc  2002Mar14
build:       Linux 2.0.36|Pentium II|gcc|Linux|486/DX+


Paul Jamason
Scripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center  (http://sopac.ucsd.edu)
California Spatial Reference Center        (http://csrc.ucsd.edu)

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