[teqc] L2C

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Mon Apr 4 09:18:44 MDT 2005


I have teqc able to identify L2C (C/A-like code on L2)
in a Trimble .dat file.  Tracking of L2C will be feature
of some of the newer Trimble receivers, like the NetRS.
As per a RINEX 2.11 extension (see section 10.1 in
http://www.aiub.unibe.ch/download/rinex/rinex211.txt )
L2C will be called "C2" in a RINEX observation file.
When L2C is tracked in a Trimble, there is no L2 P- or
Y-code or cross-correlated "P2".  This will require
the qc algorithm in teqc to be modified to use C2 when
it's present and P2 is absent for MP2.  Also, it would be
nice to have a "L1 C1 L2 C2" indicator for the SV ASCII
plot.  The current set of indicators are:

Symbol codes for "SV":
(hierarchy is left-to-right, top-to_bottom)
C  receiver clock slip                m  n-msec multipath jump
I  ionospheric phase slip             M  multipath MP1 and MP2 slips
1  multipath MP1 slip only            2  multipath MP2 slip only
-  SV above elev mask, but no data    L  Bit 0 of LLI set (rx lost lock)
+  SV data, but below elev mask       ^  partial SV data below elev mask
.  A/S off or unknown; C/A            c  A/S off or unknown; L1 C/A
:  A/S off or unknown; L1 P1          ~  A/S off or unknown; L1 C/A L2 P2
*  A/S off or unknown; L1 P1 L2 P2    ,  A/S on; C/A
a  A/S on; L1 C/A                     ;  A/S on; L1 P1
o  A/S on; L1 C/A L2 P2               y  A/S on; L1 P1 L2 P2
_  no SV data and below elev mask

For "L1 C1 L2 C2", the indicator should be lower case and
perhaps resemble "o" -- I was thinking of using "e" -- and
it would be the lowest indicator except for underscore (==
no SV data and SV is below elevation mask).

Any questions/comments?


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