[teqc] bug in decimation of Linux x86 executables since 2 Mar 2005

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Apr 13 10:03:17 MDT 2005


I've discovered that there was a bug in the Linux x86 executables
since 2 Mar 2005 that results in faulty decimation.  The signature
is that if the data has millisecond resets (like with most Trimble or
some Ashtech data), the decimation algorithm doesn't output any more
epochs once the epoch with the first millisecond reset is reached.

The bug did _not_ effect Solaris Sparc or Solaris x86 executables.

It is not known whether the bug effected Borland or Watcom executables
for Windows, or whether it effected OSX executables.

I have replacements for any of these executables if you are interested.


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