[teqc] Trimble 0x7f-03 subrecords

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Thu Apr 21 16:45:27 MDT 2005

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Does anyone happen to have or know where to find C code
snippets designed to extract the exotic u36b, s+19b, and s23+b
data types found in the 0x7f-03 Binex records for the Trimble

I'm trying to implement a reader for the 0x7F-03 subrecord
and am having a bit of trouble. I've thoroughly studied the
documentation at http://binex.unavo.org/binex_record_7f.html,
and I've implemented code that reads the 0x7f-00 subrecord
(thanks to the extremely helpful sample code posted by Doug
Hunt). The unique data types present in the 0x7f-03 (mentioned
above) offer a substantial challenge, however, at least for
this programmer.

Many thanks in advance. This is a terrific list.

 - Charles Carrano

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