[teqc] Ashtech DBEN; Linux x86 builds

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Fri May 6 11:21:00 MDT 2005


For all of you who in the past tried teqc on Ashtech DBEN files
and failed, I can now see why.  Up until the last week, I only
had two DBEN files and it appears that that they were somewhat
anomalous.  However, I think I've got teqc now able to correctly
read a variety of the DBEN records: RCA, RP1, RP2, and RPC.
(Teqc will also detect and read the time tags of RWL -- wide-line --
DBEN records, but the data cannot be converted into any observables
in RINEX.)  This assumes that the DBEN records are the original
"unpacked" and non-doppler type.  (The Ashtech documentation
mentions that a "packed" variety of DBEN might be available,
and that doppler might be added.  If these types of DBEN records
exist, teqc isn't yet able to handle them.)

You should be aware that DBEN data records don't contain any A/S
info on the SVs, don't contain any SNR info, and don't contain
any receiver clock offset values.  So the resulting RINEX won't
have any A/S flags, won't have S1 or S2 observables and won't have
the 0-9 SNR flags on the L1 or L2 phase values, and the observables
may have millisecond offsets if the receiver uses millisecond resets
for coarse clock steering.


Also, we have updated the Linux x86 development area to RedHat 9.0
(kernel 2.4.20-8), so Linux users should be on the lookout for anything
different or odd for Linux x86 builds of teqc from 6 May 2005 and later.


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