[teqc] $teqc_OPT problem in DOS shell

Carsten Kurz audiovisual at t-online.de
Wed Jun 8 14:08:54 MDT 2005

Am 08.06.2005 um 20:54 schrieb John Galvin:

> Carsten,
> The behavior you described, is what happens if you're using Win98 dos 
> shell, or the older command.com under Win2K/XP.  If the latter, it's 
> easy to remedy.  Start=>Run=>cmd.  That will start the native Win2K/XP 
> shell processor, which properly handles upper/lower case.

Thanks John,

unfortunately, it's a WIN98 DOS shell, where I also do all my logging.

It hurts a little bit to type -config xx each time, and it's good to 
know it can be fixed with a more recent OS.

I do quite some header editing in order to make my files compatible 
with my postprocessor, so a default config inclusion would make my day.

I'm using teqc to translate my CMC SuperStarII binary files. If I can 
trust my prostprocessor reports, I'm getting near 1cm accuracy on short 
baselines (as long as I ignore my antenna PCV).

- Carsten

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