[teqc] $teqc_OPT problem in DOS shell

Carsten Kurz audiovisual at t-online.de
Fri Jun 10 07:14:16 MDT 2005

I digged a little bit more into it, and it seems there is in fact no way
to make a standard or tuned-up DOS to set lowercase environment variable
names. After John Galvins reply, one might think this is a non-issue
anymore, people should at least use WIN2k or XP which offers lowercase
ENV variable names.

It just bugs me that with the current version $teqc_OPT actually never
worked on plain DOS platforms, and I just 'guess' that quite a few
people like me do logging and translation on older/spare machines, like
laptops, etc..

So: Is there a chance that the checking for $teqc_OPT becomes $TEQC_OPT
v $teqc_OPT in a future release, at least for the DOS versions? If not,
one should include this issue, as Johns reply, in the documentation as a
DOS/shell specific issue?

- Carsten

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