[teqc] Static teqc dumps core on i386 Fedora Core 3

Doug Hunt dhunt at mail.cosmic.ucar.edu
Thu Jun 16 17:01:50 MDT 2005

Hi Lou:  I'm having trouble getting any statically linked teqc 
executable to run without dumping core on an i386 Fedora Core 3 machine.

I can get the old-ish dynamic teqc from the teqc web site to work, but 
this does not have the features I need.

Could you send me a dynamically linked teqc for i386 linux of recent 
vintage?  If you can compile it on FC3, that would be ideal, but I would 
bet other recent Fedora or Redhat releases would work.

Have others noticed this trouble?



dhunt at ucar.edu
Software Engineer III
UCAR - COSMIC, Tel. (303) 497-2611

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