[teqc] teqc removal of SPLICE COMMENT

Drazen Svehla svehla at bv.tu-muenchen.de
Fri Jun 24 08:43:04 MDT 2005

Dear Mr. Cilliers,

Using Linux command from the command prompt
you may remove "comment lines" or any other line from an ASCII file that 
contains word COMMENT.

grep -v COMMENT DRAZEN.05O  > DRAZEN.05O_correct

or generic form

grep -v word old_file  > new_file

the "word" can also contains spaces and in that case you may use
grep -v "word1 word2" old_file   > new_file
or you may try
grep -v 'word1 word2' old_file   > new_file

I do not know if such a feature is available under  Windows Console

Hope this helps and improves your important work you are doing

Pierre Cilliers wrote:

>  Colleagues
>  Our readrinex routine cannot deal with postheader comment lines  in 
> RINEX observation files.  
>  The teqc option -phc removes all but the RINEX FILE SPLICE comments. 
> Many of the igs RINEX files for the IGS GPS    station mali in Kenya 
> have postheader comments.  
>  Is there another option in teqc by means of which one can remove the 
> SPLICE comment lines too? 
>  Looking forward to hearing from you. 
>  Regards 
>  Pierre 
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