[teqc] logsheet information

Mark Murray mhmurray at seismo.berkeley.edu
Fri Jun 24 10:01:58 MDT 2005

I'm working on archiving GPS data collected in northern California,
and would like to set up a simple system for entering log sheet
information to input and verify rinex header information.  One
possibility is a web browser-based forms system that would create
and edit teqc config files.  Has anyone built such a system that we
could try out?



 Dr. Mark H. Murray
 Berkeley Seismological Laboratory     Office:   (510) 642 2601
 215 McCone Hall                       Lab:      (510) 642 3977
 University of California              Fax:      (510) 643 5811
 Berkeley, CA 94720-4760           mhmurray at seismo.berkeley.edu

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