[teqc] Question about SNR mapping for AshTech stream data

Henry Hu z3106908 at student.unsw.edu.au
Tue Jun 28 16:16:06 MDT 2005


We are developing a decoder program to transfer AshTech stream data to RINEX file. I compared our result with the output from TEQC, I have a question about SNR mapping in obs files. From the AshTech document for the MPC message, I learned that the signal-to-noise indicator has a value range between 30 and 60 and the unit is dB-Hz.  But in the TEQC obs file head, SNR is mapped using L1: 1 -> 1;  90 -> 5; 210 -> 9 and L2: 1 -> 1; 150 -> 5; 250 -> 9.  Could anyone here please explain this to me?

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