[teqc] C2 output from versions 4 Apr 2005 and later

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Jul 7 13:23:11 MDT 2005

Dear all,

I noticed a few days ago that development versions of teqc
from 4 Apr 2005 and later may contain a "C2" observable in
RINEX translated from certain native formats if you are not
specifying the observable list with -O.obs.  (A notable case
is default translation of Trimble's RT17 stream format.)  Adding
C2 is in anticipation of having L2C, starting with Block IIR-M,
and tracking it, e.g. with Trimble's R7 and NetRS.  Since
there is no L2C-capable GPS SV in orbit at the moment, the
data field for C2 will be blank in any such teqc-produced RINEX.

I'll be working on how to eliminate this as a "default" observable
later this summer, but in the meantime if you see a "C2" in
the RINEX obs list of observables, just use -O.obs <obs_list> to
remove it, where <obs_list> is the usual list of observables
that you want.


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p.s. I'll be out of the office until 25 July, so if you have an
teqc questions between now and then please just email the teqc
forum (this list) for help.

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