[teqc] Binay and Rinex to ASCII file format

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Aug 18 08:12:53 MDT 2005


> I'd like to know if exist any software soluction that converts file in
> Binary format or Rinex format to ASCII format?
> I'm working with ASHTECH Z-XII GPS Receiver. My place of work is INPE - Brazil
> www.inpe.br
> Thanks
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> Bruno M. Stuck
> bruno.stuck at gmail.com
> +55 (31) 9117-0142
> +55 (19) 8153-9051

RINEX is an ASCII format -- could you elaborate on what you mean?

As for Ashtech Z-XII, the likely binary formats are B/E/S filesets,
Ashtech R-files, or the Ashtech stream (MBEN) format -- depending
on how you collected the data.  Teqc should be able to translate
any of those into RINEX format.


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