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James Johnson jjohnson at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 18 10:07:02 MDT 2005

Dear Bruno,

The SP3 format is used for precise orbits and is a table of precise  
SV positions given at some interval of time, typically 15 min.  At  
each epoch, all SV positions and Clock offsets are reported.  This is  
quite different from the broadcast orbits, which are given as  
ephemeris parameters from which one can estiamte the SV position and  
SV clock offset for any given time.  When using broadcast orbits, the  
ephemeris parameters are typically used and when using precise (or  
precise predicted) orbits the tabular positions are used and  
interpolated -- it does not make much sense to convert the broadcast  
orbit into an SP3 format, although technically it could be done.  I  
don't think you are going go find a tool for this.  TEQC will  
generate orbit files, but they are the broadcast orbit elements, not  
a table of positions that is used with the SP3 format.  Hope this helps,


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>> Good Morning,
>> I'd like to know if exists any kind of software that converts binary
>> to SP3 file format?
>> The TEQC software can do this operation? If positive, how?
>> Thanks
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> Teqc doesn't do this, but there might be other software that does.
> Try the general GPS list serve: gpstech at unavco.org which goes out
> to quite a spectrum of GPS reseachers and users.
> hth,
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