[teqc] dumb clock questions

Geoff Blewitt gblewitt at unr.edu
Wed Aug 31 12:24:14 MDT 2005

Lou and Jeff,
   I'll be happy with this too!  As you say Lou, teqc +smtt doesn't work 
on rinex files, so it can't be run after-the-fact if the archive only 
has teqc -smtt flavored rinex.   A question might be: how does this 
affect gamit and bernese users? (which I think you asked already - but 
didn't see any responses).

Note to gipsy users - clockprep would still be run by default in scripts 
like "point_rnx" etc., which is OK and in fact a good thing, because 
occasionally you do get data that is *actually* time tagged .999000 sec 
and .001000 sec (at least, I've seen this in Trimble 5700 data).  In 
short, no changes to your scripts ought to be necessary.  The benefits 
from teqc +smtt are very real when dealing with files (such as very long 
files) that have many time tag offsets that can otherwise cause 
clockprep to overflow the carrier phase format in the rinex file.  In 
most "normal" situations there should be no difference at all.

- Geoff

Jeff Freymueller wrote:
> On Aug 31, 2005, at 6:05 AM, Lou Estey wrote:
>> My plan is
>> to eventually make `teqc +smtt` the default, thus producing Geoff's
>> case 2 RINEX by default -- and even to switch over to producing this
>> type of RINEX for the UNAVCO archive (ftp pickup).
> I will be very happy when that day arrives!
> Jeff
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