[teqc] development version of teqc (1 Sept 2005) on-line

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Thu Sep 1 18:54:49 MDT 2005


I've put a set of the commonly requested builds of the current
development version (1 Sept 2005) of teqc on-line; links at:


This is essentially the same version that we are now using for
creating RINEX for the UNAVCO ftp pickup area, so it should be
fairly complete.  One minor thing I did notice, though, was that
Angie Moore had added corrections to the IGS designations for
the TPS Odyssey on 29 June; the IGS designations being checked
in the 1 Sept 2005 version of teqc have the incorrect spelling
from the IGS table of 5 May.  This minor error won't effect
any operation that you do, but if you are using the Odyssey
then you may get an incorrect warning message if you are creating
or editing RINEX.

As always, I would recommend that you save a backup copy of the
version of teqc that you are now using before overwriting the
executable on your system with the new version -- just in case.


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