[teqc] Re: [gpstech] differential code bias status of receivers

Jim Ray (NGS 301-713-2850 x112) jimr at ngs.noaa.gov
Tue Sep 6 08:11:44 MDT 2005

Hi Lou,

> Once the work is done, we should ask that this list be maintained
> at the IGS Central Bureau, perhaps as part of the rcvr_ant.tab file
> or as a separate listing (as it is here).  (Angie?)

To a large extent, it seems that your objective is satisfied by the file
p1c1bias.hist that I have been maintaining for some time.  For a long time
it was posted at:
However, I was notified that JPL can no longer bear responsibility for such
information so it is now deposited at:

The structure of this file contains several block types, of which one is:

Only the two DCB types that are not your type "N" are listed, all others
being assumed to be "N" type.  I cannot guarantee that the information
listed is correct, but every effort has been made to try to ensure

Do you believe the existing file is no longer adequate?  I am curious how
this issue arose (anew).

But since you raised this matter, I will note again that this topic will
soon become vastly more complex with the rapid proliferation in new code
observables.  The new GPS nav message format has provision for the
inter-signal biases within the expanded GPS signal set, but the IGS has
not taken up this issue (as far as I know).

FYI, my personal plan was to make only one final update to the cc2noncc
program then release it for private maintenance by users.  Perhaps UNAVCO
would be interested in taking it over (or building it into teqc?).

Best regards,

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