[teqc] Re: [gpstech] differential code bias status of receivers

Angelyn W. Moore Angelyn.W.Moore at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 8 13:02:32 MDT 2005

Jim Ray (NGS 301-713-2850 x112) wrote:
> Hi Lou,
>>Once the work is done, we should ask that this list be maintained
>>at the IGS Central Bureau, perhaps as part of the rcvr_ant.tab file
>>or as a separate listing (as it is here).  (Angie?)
> To a large extent, it seems that your objective is satisfied by the file
> p1c1bias.hist that I have been maintaining for some time.  For a long time
> it was posted at:
>   ftp://igscb.jpl.nasa.gov/igscb/software/cc2noncc/
> However, I was notified that JPL can no longer bear responsibility for such
> information so it is now deposited at:
>   https://goby.nrl.navy.mil/IGStime/cc2noncc/p1c1bias.hist

Just to clarify, I don't have any problem with the CB hosting an informational 
list; the trouble was with institutional policies regarding providing software 
(in this case, the cc2noncc software).  Since the small amount we had on hand 
was easily available elsewhere, I chose not to fight that particular battle 
since the impact was minimal.

I think I should warn (Bob King can back me up) that the work is never "done" in 
maintaining such a list.  I spend a lot of time chasing down configuration 
management type questions regarding uniqueness and characteristics of equipment 
models for http://igscb.jpl.nasa.gov/igscb/station/general/rcvr_ant.tab ...

Anyway, I thought I should clarify "JPL can no longer bear responsibility." 
Hope I got the list distribution right.

Best regards,
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