[teqc] Window data option by DIVISION INTEGER

Larry Gill LarryG at assoc-eng.com
Wed Oct 5 09:44:59 MDT 2005

Greetings Lou

Thank you for your time.

I have not found a windowing option for TEQC that can DIVIDE a source
(target) file into equal time segments if the user provides an integer

Currently, target files are windowed using option 6 as shown in the
following example:

C:\TEQC -st 201200 -e 203600 Target365.05o > newfile365.05o

Would you consider adding a -DIVIDE option to teqc?

For example

C:\TEQC -divide 3 Target.05o

Would produce the following 3 output files that have approximately the
same time interval.
Target365a.05o  - first 1/3
Target365b.05o  - middle 1/3 
Target365c.05o  - last 1/3

This DIVIDE option would be helpful because it requires few key strokes
and eliminates user data entry errors (not having to enter start and end

Larry Gill, PLS

Associated Engineers, INC
3311 E. Shelby St.
Ontario, CA  91764-4872
909.980.1982 ph
909.941.0891 fax

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