[teqc] Window data option by DIVISION INTEGER

Lou Estey lou at unavco.org
Wed Oct 5 09:58:48 MDT 2005

hi Larry,

> I have not found a windowing option for TEQC that can DIVIDE a source 
> (target) file into equal time segments if the user provides an integer 
> value.
> Currently, target files are windowed using option 6 as shown in the 
> following example:
> C:\TEQC -st 201200 -e 203600 Target365.05o > newfile365.05o
> Would you consider adding a -DIVIDE option to teqc?
> For example
> C:\TEQC -divide 3 Target.05o
> Would produce the following 3 output files that have approximately the 
> same time interval.
> Target365a.05o  - first 1/3
> Target365b.05o  - middle 1/3
> Target365c.05o  - last 1/3
> This DIVIDE option would be helpful because it requires few key strokes 
> and eliminates user data entry errors (not having to enter start and end 
> times).

Probably not, because I feel this task is well within the means of the user.
A script could be written to extract the start/end times of the target file
(+meta or +mds), and then loop establishing the correct start and delta times
(-st and +dX) to extract the various parts depending on the user choice of
n == no. of time sections.


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